Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yesterday afternoon we went to Hezekiah's grave site. I was having a hard day and was on the verge of tears all day. I just really wanted to go to Hezekiah despite how cold it was. When we got there we told the children they did not need to get out but could if they wanted to. They all got out and we all cried, Ken prayed for God to love our son (which we know he is) and told Hezekiah we would all be there to see him soon.

We miss him and everyone is showing varying signs of our struggle to deal with the loss of our son and brother.

I think all the decisions and things we had to do occupied my mind before the funeral. Even at the funeral there were so many things and people my mind was somewhat occupied to not just think about all that was happening. I know that sounds silly because it was obvious what happened but now that it is all "quiet" it seems harder to deal with.

Today we received his social security card in the mail...SIGH!!

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  1. It does not sound silly at all. I'm so sorry for all your heartache. You are all in my prayers! Love you.