Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hezekiah is continuing to be a source of joy in our home. We love caring for him and having him at home with us as a family. He is always being held by someone and at times we are all wanting him at the same time.

Hezekiah physically is starting to show signs that he will soon meet our maker. There is no defined time period it will just happen over a period of time which has already been ordained by God. He does not have an infection on his head. We took him to our wonderful Pediatrician today Dr. S and she said the "gook" is his body trying to "fix" his head which obviously cannot happen. She also very thoroughly explained the process of what is yet to come. Being with her reconfirmed to me that God knew exactly what he was doing 13 years ago when I first met her with our 1st arrow. I only regret forgetting our camera to take a picture of her with him. It touched my heart that she wanted to hold him and did. Her genuine love was apparent.
Hezekiah is not eating much at all, he is sleeping contently most of the time and is in no apparent pain.

We are just going to continue caring for him and pray for God's strength. I cannot even explain to you how hard it is to sit and watch our son slowly get weaker and weaker. It is a helpless feeling that I so desire to fix but cannot. I often think this is more than I can handle, well not think I KNOW it is more than I can handle. God has a plan and we continue to cling to his promises.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for Hezekiah that he suffers no pain and passes quickly and safely into the arms of his creator. We appreciate all the support of love from those we know and those we don't. Prayer is an amazing thing and this situation has confirmed that to us even more.


  1. I am praying for you and so are many MANY more. I am thinking ahead to when Olivia is born and I'm very scared but seeing how much joy Hezekiah has brought you despite the circumstances has brought me encouragement. I am praying for strength for you right now...

  2. Hezekiah is beautiful! What a wonderful gift from God! I was so happy to hear that he was at home with you that I cried, yet I don't even know you! What a blessing that is for your family to be able to spend time together with him! God will provide all that you need...strength, peace, comfort, and love for all of you and for Hezekiah as well! I have been and will continue to pray for your family!

  3. we are also praying for you around the clock . I am at a loss for words most of the time when i read what your fam is going thru and what joy and sorrow it must be..and the faith you portray...its all too much. but for God. We discussed this last time i called. I love you..am so sad yet relieved to know that u have the Lord during this time. Sheesh. Please..if there is a way i can make it to a service if there is to be one. post it. your friend A

  4. Please Lord spare sweet little Hezekiah any suffering let him go peacefully and please have Grandma M there to meet him at Your heavenly gates. Please envelope Ken, Michelle and the kids in their time of pain and sorrow. Please give them strength beyond all understanding. Give them peace that Hezekiah is with our great and wonderful Savior who will protect the precious son/brother until they meet him again! In Your Holy Name I pray, Amen.

  5. I understand, Michele, it is the worst feeling in the world to see him slowly get worse, and feeling like you can do nothing to stop it. BUT you are doing something, you are giving him love and comfort and you are the hands of Jesus while he is on this earth. So know that Jesus is loving him through. Love and prayers, Linda

  6. Oh Dear Lady . . .

    The moment something happens is the moment God picks us up and carries us through. And there are plenty of us praying for that moment already. You are going to be ok. It's not going to feel like it, but you will be, because you're perfect saviour will never leave you nor forsake you.

  7. Michele,

    I am thankful with you that Hezekiah does not seem to be in pain. How much more difficult it would be if he was!

    As I was praying for you today, and then read your post about feeling helpless to be able to anything, it occurred to me that Hezekiah's purpose here is to be loved... and you're doing just that.

    Praising God with you for every moment you are able to hold Hezekiah.

    May the Lord continue to be a source of comfort (for all of us!) in this bitter-sweet time.

  8. Thinking of you daily Michele with much love and support. Debi