Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last night I remember walking with Hezekiah in my arms in perfect peace. My mind went to a miracle and how wonderful it would be. I also am reminded of our son S who with such faith often says "Mom, God can heal Hezekiah".
Later today around 7:00 p.m. Hezekiah started showing signs his system was slowing down. He has not ate much at all and his diaper has been dry. His eyes turned darker and his skin did not look good. We were in tears and distress as we tried to deal with what we thought was our son passing away. We truly thought "this is it" which brought us to our knees in prayer. Ken took sweet Hezekiah in his arms and he prayed for complete healing for our son. His words "Jesus love my son" are the same prayer I also have. At one point Ken told me to try to feed him again, I tried nursing him and he would not nurse but I just dropped some milk in his mouth. He struggled to drink but we persisted, and eventually he started to suck as he nursed. It was not long but Ken and I both cried and left out a Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for loving our son! A bit later Hezekiah opened both eyes totally (which is not normal) and he started to move his arms all over (which is not normal) and he cried out loud a normal baby cry (which is not normal). It scared us beyond words as we thought he was in pain or perhaps this was "it" again. Ken continued to pray out loud for complete healing and to love our son. Hezekiah did this a few more times and when he was done he looked refreshed in his face and his eyes were no longer blue. We think what we saw was Hezekiah coming out of unconsciousness. It was amazing, we praise God for his goodness.

I want to ask you all to pray for Hezekiah specifically for healing and eating. I realize God will have his way despite our desires. I also realize healing may not be on this Earth but instead when he enters his creator's arms. We are willing to accept God's plan and will praise him regardless of the outcome.
With eating if Hezekiah does not eat well tonight we are going to need to make the decision on giving him a feeding tube in the morning. It is not our desire to do this however, we cannot just let him starve. Continue to pray for us we need your prayers desperately!

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  1. We are praying for healing and eating! How Great is our GOD!