Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear God please love our son

Dear God,
I beg for your grace and mercy. I simply need you and cannot go at this any longer, I am desperate for you. To see my son go from being possibly unconscious to waking, crying loudly, turning purple, and gasping is more than I can take. I beg you to heal my son, make him whole. Dear God please this is to much that you are asking of me. I am weak, weary unable to handle this anymore. My heart is being ripped from within, I am full of fear, and I simply am begging you to love our son. Please do not have him suffer. We have no wisdom to figure out exactly what is going on with sweet Hezekiah, we are left guessing. And as a Mother I feel helpless and want to help my baby. God, please you know the hurt of when your children hurt, please have mercy on us! Please God you have shown yourself faithful to us continually during the situation with Hezekiah do not leave us stranded. Make yourself known, give us wisdom, love our son and make him whole. Please God please.


  1. I can't get you all off my mind. I am praying MUCH for you all and for your precious Hezekiah tonight.

  2. We bless your name, Lord Jesus. We honor you, Lord. We exalt you, Jesus. Come Holy Spirit, move in this home. Move in this child. Bring healing and grace and mercy to his body. Be glorified, Lord Jesus. We honor you tonight. You are so good, Jesus. You are so good. Come Holy Spirit, come. We are desperate for you. Reveal yourself to us, Jesus. Bring wholeness and health and complete healing to Hezekiah. Pour out your love and mercy. We love you Lord. We love you Lord. Hear our cries, Father. Hear our hearts, Lord.

  3. Dear Michele,
    Crying out to God with you for grace and mercy.
    You must be exhausted -- I'm praying that you will have strength and wisdom as you make decisions for Hezekiah's care.
    Much love,

  4. Dear Lord, Please, please heal little Hezekiah. Please hold on to Ken, Michelle & the kids. I don't know what else to say, but that I love this family deeply and I don't want to see them hurt anymore. I beg of you to give them strength and grace. In your precious name I pray, Amen.

  5. We are praying and declaring life and healing over Hezekiah. And strength and grace for you and Ken...we cannot imagine the suffering of your heart, but God knows. Please know that there are so many standing with you. Love to you, Claire