Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deceased...this is the word that came across the screen as I took Hezekiah off our insurance policy. Seeing that word hurt deep within and it brought on the tears that always seem to be right there ready to flow. Of course, it is the truth but it was like picking a fresh scab off my healing wound. I am so thankful for a loving husband who is always willing to stop what he is doing and hug and comfort me when I need it. He is more than I deserve and I am blessed to have him!
I love you Ken and my little peanut I miss you more than words can say.


  1. Interesting - I have you in my bloglines, yet updates have not come though, so I thought I'd come 'check on you' so to speak. I ache for your difficult experience and loss and pray in thanksgiving that the Lord has him in Heaven.

    Insurance and legalities. Scabs ripped open indeed. I remember receiving the death certificate in the mail and ohh . . . you will have more of these moments, I'm afraid. But know that there are many you don't even know, including me, praying for you and yours.

    You never get over it . . . but you will get through it.

    Love, hugs, and passing the tissues.

  2. i like what Q said. So right..sounding like someone who has been through it. I never know quite what to say..and when i go to write its seems redundant..plus im blubbering all over the keyboard and the snot makes the keys slippery. :) love you. miss u. A

  3. Q is right. There will be more moments, and more tears, and other emotions. But you will get through it, not ever over it.

    Someone told me when I lost my son a month ago, that God and time will heal the wound, even though the scar will remain. I am choosing to look at the scar as a reminder of my son and the blessing his life was even though he lived for only a moment after birth.

    Lean on God and He will carry you. This I know. I've been carried a lot lately and He will carry you and your family too. HE is certainly big enough to carry us all! And isn't that a wonderful thought!

    Lots of prayers for you and your family!