Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now for some details on our precious Hezekiah. He arrived on Thursday January 7, 2010 at 8:51 a.m. weighing in at 6lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. He shares a birthday with his sister E :) Hezekiah has been a pure source of joy for us these past couple days. We have loved every precious inch of our son/brother that God has blessed us with. We enjoy him immensely and have been savoring every minute with him knowing soon he will be with Jesus.

Hezekiah nursed for a bit at first but has been unable to latch on since. His mouth is very small and he does not seem to have a desire to eat. I have been syringe feeding him every 3-4 hours and am thankful for each gulp he takes. He absolutely delights us with his smiles and noises he makes. When I change his head dressing he smiles so much and coo's out loud like no other time. I love to see him smile and hear his baby talk. He gets the attention of all around when he does that :)

For now Hezekiah is home with us. It was an answer to my prayer that he would at least come home. I am thankful that God allowed him to come home. You can continue to pray for him as we know his time is short. It is evident to Ken and I that he is slowly getting worse in his eating and breathing. We are concentrating on the life and time we have with him yet in our hearts we know we soon will loose our precious son here on this Earth. Please pray that Hezekiah will not suffer until God takes him home. Pray for us as we care for him and as we hold onto God's promises for our son. Pray for our older children as they each are dealing with this situation in their own way.

As for answered prayers: When I went in on Thursday morning I was of course an emotional wreck but I also could not understand why God had not answered any of my prayers. How foolish I was to not remember the love, compassion, and protection God has for me. When the doctor got into my uterus he told Ken it was 1mm (paper thin) where my previous scars were. A uterus is normally 3 centimeters thick. God protected me and my uterus!
I prayed Hezekiah would live so that we might have some time with him and even bring him home for a small time. As of this moment Hezekiah is still alive (although his breathing is getting harder for him) and we brought him home. God answered all 3 of my requests! Praise the Lord!

We were blessed beyond measure with some wonderful people who cared for us during our time at Woman's and Babies. Their genuine love, compassion, and graciousness will never be forgotten. I have so much more I want to write but it will need to be done over time, for now in this very moment we want to spend every second with our precious son. He is a blessing that has impacted our lives in a way we never realized and his little life has changed us forever. I am so thankful God chose Hezekiah for us, I truly could not imagine life without him even if it be brief.

Thanks for your prayers, continue to pray for healing for me with my c-section. Also for us all as we have a long journey to yet walk in the days ahead. And again for Hezekiah that he does not suffer and he passes into the arms of Jesus in a peaceful way.
God bless


  1. I am praying that when it is time for Hezekiah to go to be with Jesus..he goes without suffering or pain. I am so thankful he got to go home. This is so terribly hard for you and the pictures are so beautiful. He is so beautiful and perfect. I am praying all day. Your words are u write about Gods faithfulness in the face of such saddness and heartache. Great is thy faithfulness morning by morning. Love u. Miss u. You are all held close in our hearts. A

  2. Thank you so much for continuing to post things, Michele. I agree, you write beautifully and it has been a blessing to read about your journey. I will continue to hold you and your family in my prayers. Your little boy is gorgeous and I'm so happy that he was able to come home with you. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us Michele. You are always in my thoughts and conversations with God. Debi.

  4. You do not know us but we know your family now through your witings. Thank you for letting us into your home and journey through this time with you. As a family we have been following your blog and praying for the baby and you, your husband and the older children. Today we talked about GOd being enough in our lives and what that ment and I reminded the children of your example in trusting our Lord through hard times. It is easy to trust God when things go our way but it is when we praise Him in the storm that He is glorified most. GLory to GOD for His perfect will in our lives and may we all hold each other up in prayer knowing that Christ connects us all into one body and when one hurts we all hurt. Raymie Messenger

  5. Hi Sweetie. We visited Dove today and your mom come over to me right away to show me her grandson - like a proud grandma would. You and your family were prayed for during church today - Janet and Marcia were the ones that prayed for you all. I am so thankful to be able to follow your journey although it is a difficult time for you all. I think the world of you and am so thankful to hear about how God answered your prayers. Great is his faithfulness. I write that in faith as it is still difficult to see such a sweet, precious life pass. We have hope in Jesus. That is what I will cling to. I love you Michele.