Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tonight will be the last time I write on my blog with my sweet Hezekiah in my womb. As I am typing he is kicking me within and what a delight it is to feel him alive within. Today was a busy day getting everything ready for tomorrow. At this time the house is quiet and everyone is fast asleep but me. I am finishing up some laundry and can't sleep anyway so thought I would do something productive.

This evening we spent the time talking with the children. We answered all their questions about tomorrow and all that is going to happen in the next few days/weeks. Some of the children cried so much for you, this is harder for them than I realized. It was heart wrenching to hear them cry and to see their pain. We held them, wiped their tears, and reminded them that God knows best and we must trust him. We also reminded them of the hope that we will see Hezekiah again in Heaven. One of the children reminded me that God can still heal Hezekiah and we agreed that he could. And that is our prayer, but we must leave it up to God have faith he knows best. As we prayed as a family I was so thankful for what God has blessed me with.

I brought down a blanket that was mine as an infant and decided to use it for Hezekiah. I also made up his co-sleeper that Ken made specifically for him in case he would come home. I love it so much and wish I would have had it from our oldest on down to use.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be very hard in all aspects but we are clinging to God's promises and our Faith is strong. May Hezekiah's life be a testimony of God and his grace. We trust in the God who formed us within our own Mother's womb and gives us our each breath. This journey is not one we would choose but we know God's ways are perfect. So Hezekiah, tomorrow my son, I will meet you face to face and I shall cherish every second we have with you. By God's grace we will get through this. I LOVE YOU HEZEKIAH, WE ALL LOVE YOU HEZEKIAH!!

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  1. Maybe it was God moving for the cesarean to give Hezekiah more strength to live for far longer than anyone could have imagined! To know he will be coming home today with you--well, that is nothing short of a major miracle! Our God reigns and His mercy is everlasting! I love you friend and am so eager to hear all about your son!