Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here is what I found today by one of Hezekiah's pictures. I often find things the children leave at one of his many pictures in our home. I think it is so sweet and every time I see a new item my eyes instantly tear up. What love they have for their brother and how my heart aches as I think of what could have been.

Clinging to God and his promises...

Our Hezekiah tree

A few months ago my parent's cell group from their church came over and planted a Dogwood tree in memory of Hezekiah. I was really sick that day so I was not able to be out with them but Mom took some pictures and I am waiting for her to get them to me. We are SO thankful for our Hezekiah tree and those who thought of us. Almost every day one of the children brings a picture, flower, or something for Hezekiah. They often stick them by his picture frames in the house but sometimes they stick things by his tree.
I often sit by the tree when I am having a bad moment. I shed my tears and think of my sweet boy whom I miss so dearly. I often find the children sitting by the tree as well, it is their choice spot to sit, talk, or play games.
Yesterday the children came up with an idea to put his picture at the tree so we made a card with his picture and they each wrote on it. We then stapled it to a stake by the tree. The kids love it and one of them quickly put a rock shaped like a heart by the tree.
The fence is around it to keep our goats away. We have some ideas of making the area even nicer, relaxing, and inviting. It is just another precious reminder of our son/brother. We miss him and await the glorious reunion in Heaven.
Love ya Hezekiah!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ya don't know what you got till it's gone...

I have come to appreciate many things since we have experienced the loss of our precious Hezekiah. I am thankful that I have come to realize even more how precious my 7 children are and how some things I will miss that now seem overwhelming.

I appreciate:

Last week when we were taking our puppy for a walk up the road she went poo. Before I got to clean it up our 3 yr old with all her might jumped in the air and right on top of it smiling from ear to ear.

On our downstairs toilet we have a sprayer attachement that sprays the poo off of cloth diapers. Our 3 yr old got into it today and covered the bathroom floor and walls with water. It looked like a mini flood. I can only imagine the fun she was having in those few seconds alone. (Yes, I did tell her to NEVER do that again)

spilled milk

finger prints on the walls

mud all over the brand new shoes

finding folded clean clothes in the dirty hampers...

These things are annoying as any Mother knows but I am so thankful for things like this because I know the taste of not having one of my children here. I'd much rather have these annoying things to teach my children than not to have them at all.

I believe it to be true that ya don't know what you got till it's gone...missin you so deeply still Hezekiah!

What are you thankful for?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Your 7 months old today

We miss you and love you so dearly Hezekiah!

The kids all made you a picture to attach to the balloon they sent up to you. Some of your brothers and sisters even attached a silly band to them. We trust God to direct our paths and help us continue on without you on this Earth. Our hearts still ache as the wound is so deep. We know God is faithful, we trust him. We will see you again our precious son and brother.