Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

 We tend to do the same thing each year on Saint Valentine's Day.  I figure why change a good thing.  This year hubby decided to add some variety by surprising me with some roses.  I was quite surprised and thankful for his thoughtfullness. 

 After dinner we gave the children each a  Hershey's almond bar.  They devoured them so quickly that I did not have time to get a picture. I got them a game called dancing eggs and it is so much fun.  Seriously this game is worth getting.  It is not a sit down game and teenagers may not be eager to play it as can be seen by Hannah's expression. However once we started playing everyone is laughing hysterically and having a blast, even Hannah.
 The game includes 9 rubber eggs and 1 wooden egg. We got two games because of our large family.  Their are two dice.  One dice tells you the positions where you put the egg on your dice roll which include under your armpit, between your knees, under your neck, or folded in your forearm.  The other dice has different signs that tell you what to do like being silent, clucking like a chicken, everyone running around the table while keeping your eggs intact, bounce an egg, etc.  It took us awhile to get it but once we did the fun began.  Here is Ken with a rubber egg under his chin, on his arm, and one between his knees. We all were laughing hysterically as he ran around the table. Hannah and I were almost on our knees laughing as he hobbled around.
 Ken is cheaing by not allowing anyone past him. This time he does not have an egg between his knees so he can move faster.  It seemed everytime the diced rolled to run around the table Ken and I had an egg between our knees. It is harder than you think to keep that egg there and not loose it as you run.

   Once we finished playing the game we read the Saint Valentine story.  It is important to us that our children know the reason for these holidays.  Those who gave their lives many years ago to honor God's commands are to be honored.  We finished the night reading our love notes to one another.  This is something Ken and I have done for years. It is good for the children to hear us share our love to one another.  We do notice more gagging sounds the older they get :) It was a blessed evening. So if you ever come over for a visit be prepared we may pull out the dancing egg game :)