Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today we had our first snow for the winter. The children were all so excited to go out and go sledding. In the afternoon they went out and Daddy really wanted me to come out as well. I had no desire to do so but I did go and took the camera along. As I walked across the snow I could not help but to think that Hezekiah you would never play in the snow. I watched as the children played and put my hand on my belly. I rubbed it and told you Hezekiah all about the snow, my tears were making my face freeze. I started to head back in but little R wanted to go along in. As I took her hand she wanted to walk down the road in the snow, I said no but being herself she persisted. I gave in and walked behind her admiring my little stinker. I thought of how much she would love you Hezekiah, how she would Mother you to no end :)

I got a warm bath in the late afternoon, that seems to help with some of my stress. I enjoy watching you move all around my belly. I was reading a book but put it down, I felt like I needed to pray. I prayed Hezekiah that God would heal you, and I know he can if it be his will. I have seen God's power and do not doubt it. I also realize that his will may not be to heal you on this Earth and I accept that. I have been doing so much thinking since the diagnosis and came to the conclusion last night that I have lost my first love. Yep, I have allowed my blessed role of being a Wife and Mother overtake my relationship with Christ. God is a jealous God and he wants me to put him first in my life. As I wept and repented I felt a release and prayed again for your healing. I live for my husband and kids and I doubt I will ever not but I first must live for Christ. That is not an excuse to neglect my husband and children, in fact it will just reinstate the importance of my role in those blessed areas. I must take personal time for my God more than I do. SO today I learned something and to God be the glory.

I was putting away the kids notebooks and came across N's. It said:
I love Hezikiya
I love him ever
I do I do love Hezikiya
I still love Hezikiya

The night before your brother E was in bed crying because of you. Even your brothers and sisters ache for you.
They all say good night to you every night now and they either rub my belly or give it a kiss.
I love you my precious son!


  1. Your kids will "enlarge their hearts" with compassion towards others because of this experience. Everyone is affected, but with God in the middle of it all - Everyone will be the better for it. Sooooo many thoughts coming your way and each thought turns into a prayer to our God and Saviour Who hears us and is acting for us!

  2. You have learned something that few people ever dare to think about or do. We put so many things in front of our Lord and Savior, and in writing this, you have shown me what I need to do on a consistent basis.
    May the Lord continue to speak to you and give you ALL His comfort and peace. You are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Love always,

  3. Michelle,

    I went to bed last night thinking how much I need to remember to put Christ 1st(mainly ahead of Mike and ahead of Aiden). I was praying begging for God to give me the strength to trust Him whole-heartedly...worrying is a sin and I do it so well...especially with Aiden. This all stemmed from praying for you and Hezekiah last night. I am learning a lesson from you. This is something I have struggled with ever since Aiden was born, but the last year it has really been on my heart.

    I had a dream last night that Aiden was sick and had to have surgery and we didn't know if he would make it. It was so real and I can't seem to shake it(I keep tearing up everytime I think about it), but I think God was trying to put me in your shoes so I would understand your pain and how you are leaning on God for your strength. I think God is showing, thru your experience, not only me but all parents that we need to remember that our children our His children and as much as we love them and never want to let them go they belong to Him. Michelle you are such an example to me and I know you don't feel very strong right now, but your faith is Jesus Christ is a amazing and I thank you for that. Lots of love and hugs for you and your family during this time of celebrating Jesus Christ's birth!