Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From Daddy

On the 3rd of December
my world changed forever.
A sunny Thursday morning
started clouds suddenly forming.
And rain came from within
but who gains, who wins.
Just news of sorrow
and misery tomorrow.
Again it rains
falling from clouds of pain.
Am I going insane
it burns like a flame.
Charing my heart it seers within
here it comes again, again, and yet again.
Oh, when will it end
God is it because of my sin?
Please pull me back from the ash
I can't live with this gash.
In my heart, the center of me apart
I cannot afford.
This prison of pain when I'm awake
when I sleep my dreams make me quake.
The future appears, and hell awaits
save me Jesus, please please.
Alone, I am all alone
no one seems to really know.
My torment as it goes and goes
who is this cruel foe.
Is it someone I know?
yes, I see you clear.
The reason for all my tears
when you come near I prepare for fear.
What next, what now, when, where?
you have come to kill because it is what you do.
Against my will you then follow through
but your day will come, and mine will end.
I won't be so dumb, and you can't repent
you will be done, you have taken my son.
But his voice cries out
for justice done, is his shout.
My Lord has heard this sound
the little child's voice from the ground.
And his blood you have shed
so God will come to crush your head.
And my son will live on
with his Mother and I in paradise bought.
By my savior his death has won
salvation for my son, and his brothers.
And sisters too will see him there
yes, Hezekiah Mummau Myers will be there.
We will reunite with him and where
our love forever in Gods care.
Well, so be it my son go on run along
God is calling, calling you home.
We will catch up in a little while son
I know we will be together again.
And no clouds of pain forming December rain
just the sunny day where we all will gain.
And win and in grace we will be
so farewell for now my son.
God needs you with him little one.
I love you

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  1. Ken this is absolutely beautiful....thank you so much for sharing.