Thursday, December 10, 2009

I thought yesterday was a bad day, today is even worse. I wish it would all end! I can't smile, laugh, or even function. I have every emotion going on at one time that I don't know how I am to feel or act. I don't understand WHY. Everything I do/did seems to be in vain at this point. I just want my Hezekiah to live and if he can't to be honest I don't know if I can either.

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  1. Oh Michele!!! Please don't feel this way! I too know what it's like to lose a son! The difference between have other children and a wonderful husband who need you by there side. You are the most amazing woman I know. You always have been. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for! You can and will make it through this difficult time in your life! God will give you the strength you need Michele. Not to mention when you look into each one of your childrens eyes or hear them pray for will give you the power to fight back, to pick up the pieces, brush yourself off and look to the heavens and say "thank you" for allowing you to be the one special woman picked to carry our Lords very special precious baby boy! I love you and I believe in you! You can do this!! God Bless you all!