Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear God,
I am wondering when the pain and sorrow will end? I know suffering is good despite the pain yet I do not want to suffer anymore. I want joy, I want peace, I want happiness. I want the tears to end for all of us. I am tired of my own tears that come on like a sudden rain storm unable to be controlled. I am tired of wiping my children's tears as they cry for their brother. I am tired of seeing my husband weep over his son! Oh Dear God, the pain and the sorrow we feel for Hezekiah is so deep and so wide. How can we ever feel the way we did before? Will we ever feel the way we did before this wretchedness? Oh Lord my God in your awesome wonder you do know what your doing and this is all a part of your great plan. Fill us with your peace and continue to give us grace and all we need as we continue to trust you.

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