Sunday, March 14, 2010

My heart is broken, raw, and exposed. It is like a hammer has hit it and pieces of it are everywhere. It is slowly being pieced back together but it will never be the same. There will always be a hole in the center with Hezekiah's name written across it. My son...always longing for you!


  1. ::hugs:: Michele, you are in my prayers.

    My dear friend in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, who is like an aunt to me, lost her baby girl 13 days after birth. She has six other children, and is reformed Presbyterian.

    Like your ring, she wears a baby shoe charm on her necklace to remind her of Mary... even though it has been several years.

    May I give her your contact information?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Yes, you may give your friend my contact information. If you have All Saints directory it is in there. I tried several times to e-mail you from your blog but for some reason cannot. I appreciate all your comments and prayers during this time.

  3. Hello Michele,
    I organize the childcare for MOPS - mothers of preschoolers at LCBC. The worship leader spoke along with his wife. They lost their baby when she was 17 weeks pregnant. They shared their journey which happened 3 years ago. Tears were shed and emotions shared. I just wanted to let you know, that it is o.k. for all of your emotions. Sometimes, people write stuff on Facebook that they think will help you. A lot of times it can be people of faith that say things - using scripture. Sometimes, the words might feel like judgment and can be used in the wrong context. I am sure that they only mean well (just like I do - in case I say something stupid - know that I truly care about you). Anyway, there is a life group at LCBC that is made up of families who lost their children. Just in case you need a support group, I wanted to share that with you. God is merciful and I was once told that he has oceans of Grace (not sure if that is in the scripture but it stuck with me during a speaker with YWAM). May God's grace pour on you and may you only feel love by others. Lifting you up today!