Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a new year and I am looking forward to what God has in store for us this year. I know we will still continue to miss Hezekiah and this "journey" will not just all the sudden go away because it's a new year. There will be many more tears and many new firsts without Hezekiah this year as well. But I know we are stronger than we were last year, I know God will continue to guide us and we have faith in him. These past 2 weeks I have made sure to fill my mind with God's truths reading his words over and over again. I am concentrating on reading strength, joy, and contentment. It has helped me so much to continually do this, it fills me with a strength that only comes from God. At times I question the peace I feel and then know it is from God.

Christmas went well but had it's hard moments. We missed Hezekiah so much. There was no little one to tear ornaments off the tree. Nor was there a little toddler to open presents before time and get away with it because of their innocent smile. For Christmas my Dad and Mom in law got us 2 ornaments for Hezekiah. The one we put a picture of him in it and under it says Joy. I love that one and we placed it high up by the star for all to see. The other one said baby's 1st christmas and his name was on it. It also touched us that my Mother in law started the evening prayer out remembering Hezekiah and thanking the Lord for him.
On Christmas Day my sister Maryann and brother in law Doug gave us a willow tree little baby in memory of Hezekiah. It is adorable and we placed it with the rest of the family ones. They also gave us a card and the amount of money they would have spent on him. We cannot express the gratitude we feel when Hezekiah is not forgotten. We could never forget him and are so thankful for those who also do not.

On New Years Eve we spent the night at home because I was not feeling well. The children made ginger bread houses. They spent over 2 hours working on them and had such a blast. Ken sat with them at the table playing the guitar. It was a relaxing, fun evening and one not to be forgotten. These moments are precious and not to be taken for granted!

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  1. Love the Gingerbread houses! Bring your ornaments and the willow tree baby on Friday! I can't wait to see them, and you or course! :) Love you!