Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebrating Hezekiah Day

We celebrated Hezekiah Day on January 9th. Before I go into our events on that day let me go back a bit. Every time we have a baby we get the children gifts from the baby. Hezekiah was due on December 30, 2009 which is also my birthday. Since he was due so close to Christmas we opted not to do Christmas presents as we are rather elaborate in our gifts from the baby. It was a minor concern but we were not sure how we were going to give the gifts due to not knowing how long Hezekiah was going to live. It was a prayer of ours to bring Hezekiah home and be able to give the gifts with him alive and us all together. God answered that prayer on January 9, 2010. Hezekiah and I came home :) What a joyous day it was to walk into the house and have all 7 of our children there. We have very fond memories of that day. Ken and the children had all the gifts in piles ready and I sat holding Hezekiah watching as my precious older children opened their presents. The entire day went to fast, it is one we will never forget.

So this year the children decided they did not want any Christmas gifts but instead wanted to do gifts on what they have named as "Hezekiah Day." We exchanged names and each person bought their name. In the morning Ken read some scripture and then we each went around and said one moment we held being special with Hezekiah. It was hard for us to pick just one but here is what was said.

Ken-The moment he was born and I finally saw my son. He came out crying loudly and was strong. I felt such intense love for him and was overtaken by my emotions.

Michele-When I held Hezekiah for the first time and also at home when Ken placed him in my arms. I did not think that moment would come. For a small time I forgot that death was lingering around us and enjoyed all 7 of my children in our home.

Hannah-When I would tickle under his chin he would smile for me.

Elijah-When Mom and Hezekiah came home and I could hold him. I liked us being together as a family.

Solomon-I liked holding Hezekiah and looking at him. I was happy when Mom and Hezekiah came home.
Naomi-I like when Mom and Hezekiah came home. I loved to hold Hezekiah.

Esther-I love Hezekiah and that he came home. I love my Hezekiah baby that Hezekiah got for me.

Ruth-Holding and kissing Hezekiah with Mommy.

As you have read holding and kissing and being together was what we all are so thankful for.
Once we finished talking we started by giving the chidlren each a bear in memory of Hezekiah. These bears were made by Carol in memory of her son Keith.
They are precious and priceless. Carol used clothes or blankets on the bears ears and feet that was Hezekiah's and the children recognized that on their own immediately. Carol also put a patch on the back of the bears that said the child's name along with in memory of Hezekiah. These bears are the favorite gift on Hezekiah Day. The children have not stopped carrying them around and they are tightly snuggled beside them at night. We also gave them a picture photo book that has pictures. I used pictures of Hezekiah and each child's is a bit different with pictures of them in as well. I am thankful we had those 2 gifts on this day. Thanks to Carol a precious woman who is using her aching heart to bless others.

Then we dug into the other presents in an ordered way of course. We spent the afternoon enjoying our gifts and one another. Towards the later afternoon we had some cake. My friend Wendy had brought us some cake stuff earlier so we made it for this day. Thanks Wendy! My sister in law Lauren stopped over and brought us a small cake and cupcakes also to celebrate Hezekiah's birthday. What a blessing to us to know others care...thanks Lauren, Ben, and Noah.

Our day ended well. I am thankful for Hezekiah and his precious life...we choose to celebrate his life! Of course there is sadness and our hearts ache but for us we must remember these precious days he was on this earth. It helps in our healing and it helps us to remember the good when the bad seems so overwhelming. Thank you Lord for the blessing of Hezekiah and for letting him come home. For making sure even the minor things such as the gifts all worked out!

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