Monday, February 7, 2011

13 months old

Today Hezekiah is 14 months old. I often think of how he would be walking around, teething, and getting into everything. I wonder what he looks like and which brother and/or sister he would most resemble. I long to hear his cry, giggle, and babbling.

We went to his grave and the kids took black and yellow balloons. Yes, we are Steelers fans :) Ken worked a bit late so it was almost dark and starting to rain by the time we got there. We had to tread the snow and the kids made a snowman. They laid the pictures they made for him in his little box. Of course, as usual there are tears. We miss our son/brother very much.


  1. Michele,
    You have/are doing such a wonderful job loving those around you even through your own pain. What a picture of what a life in Christ looks like, you are a living testimony of the goodness of our GOOD SHEPHERD. Thank you for your inspiring family and for sharing your heart. Sending a virtual hug :) Your newest friend, Raymie

  2. I love the snowman, how precious!!! (and what a great idea!) These milestones are hard....(((hugs))) ♥