Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 months old

Today Hezekiah is 8 months old. I remember 8 months ago at this time just holding my precious son as Ken and I talked and looked at our beautiful boy. We were so unsure of what each minute held for him. I remember being so thankful he was still alive and that we could be parents to him. How dearly we love him.

We went to Hezekiah's grave today and we each sent a red balloon up to him. The kids all sent him a picture and told Ken and I we need to make him one for next time.
There is always a deep ache as we pull into the cemetary and walk back to our boy/brother. The kids are always so excited to send their balloon up to him but once that is done there are many tears. We find even though it aches it is good to get the tears out.
Today after the balloons were all up we sat in a circle around our sons/brothers body and Ken prayed. He could barely finish the prayer and during it we were all sobbing. In his prayer he asked God when he would take our pain and turn our tears to joy.

We can't wait for the glorious reunion, it is something I can only imagine

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