Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today has been a busy day for us. Jenn was admitted to the hospital today to have her water broken. Before she was in major labor the kids and I headed up to the hospital for a quick visit. We had planned for some time to give the children a doll to help them remember Noah and in memory of Hezekiah. We wrote on each book:

Dear __________
This doll is to help you remember your brother Noah and it is in memory of our brother Hezekiah. We put in a wallet size picture of Hezekiah and each child signed their name with whatever they wanted to write.

A month or so ago we went to the Carter's outlet and the kids picked out preemie boy outfits for the bitty dolls. We also included a receiving blanket to wrap their baby in. It was neat to watch and hear my children as they picked out an outfit they thought Susan, Sarah, Hannah, and Erik would like.
My kids were so delighted that the day came for them to finally give these dolls to the Porsche kids. And Susan, Sarah, Hannah, and Erik were so excited, happy, and thankful for the dolls.

When Hezekiah went to be with Jesus each of my children clung to a doll or stuffed animal that they already owned. To this day they dress their baby or animal in Hezekiah's clothes, sleep with it and even snuggle it tight and cry. I know our children would have benefited from something like this.
Our prayer is that this doll brings Sarah, Susan, Hannah, and Erik some comfort in the days ahead.

We were blessed this evening to meet precious Noah and he is beautiful. Jenn looks great and Kevin is a proud daddy. Susan, Sarah, Hannah, and Erik had smiles on their faces the entire time we were there. They are delighted with Noah. Noah weighed in at 6 lbs 10 ounces and 19 inches long. Noah is doing well. Continue to pray for the Porsche family!

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