Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Hezekiah,
It was 6 months ago today that you were born and I held you in my arms. The depth of love, happiness, fear, and sadness was so overwhelming at that moment. I remember your cry as you were pulled out of my body, it is etched within my mind. It is the only time I heard you cry like a baby does. I remember your Daddy confirming to me that you were indeed anacephalic and that you were a boy for sure. I watched as your Daddy went across the room to take care of you while I was being stitched back up. I tried to watch you being baptized but you were so far back that I could not see right. It seemed like forever until your Daddy brought you over to me. I could barely hold back tears as I finally gazed up your beautiful little self. I cried for each of your brothers and sisters as well when I first saw them.
Your Daddy sat beside me and put you as close to me as he could. They eventually left my one hand free so I could touch yours. I remember rubbing your soft face and kissing it. The next few hours are kind of a blur to me as your siblings arrived and pictures were taken not stop. I was so tired and could barely keep my eyes open.
It was towards evening that I started to feel better. I just held you so closely and examined everything about you. I was so thankful that you were alive.
I am so thankful for you Hezekiah, Happy 6 months old baby boy!

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