Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 months ago today Hezekiah went to be with Jesus

It was 6 months ago today that our son left us from this Earth and went to Heaven where he was made perfect and whole. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.
The week Hezekiah was alive we did not sleep much at all. I remember in the morning sitting in the rocking chair by the fire keeping my baby warm. Ken was answering the phone as it rang non stop. I need to go back to the night before...

Towards evening Hezekiah started to show signs he was slowly fading away. There may have been earlier signs but we were not aware of them. I was sitting on the couch holding him, the kids were playing games on the floor around me and Ken was cleaning up. I was worried about him not eating and we were discussing getting him a feeding tube. We did not want to go to the ER to get this done so we decided to wait until the morning until we could call our pediatrician. Hezekiah was not showing any signs of distress nor a desire to eat so I was thankful for that. But as a Mother I knew he needed food and it was my responsibility and desire to make sure he got what he needed. Anyway, I was just holding him and rubbing his sweet cheeks. I was constantly looking at him and touching him. The children would often come up and give him kisses and hold him for a bit as well. I remember thinking how wonderful it was to have all 7 of our children in the same room.
All of a sudden Hezekiah threw his arms up in the air, his entire body went stiff, puckered his lips, and turned completely blue. I called for Ken and tried to hand Hezekiah off to him. It scared me and I was so helpless because I did not know what to do. I was so afraid he was in pain but as quickly as it happened it ended. I remember his body becoming fragile again and pulling him back close to my body. Ken and the children were all around me and we all had tears and fear in our eyes. Ken took the lead and prayed with us. I think this is when both Ken and I realized it ws the beginning of the end.
We talked a bit and I was convinced it was because he was not eating right that this was happening. Of course, that wasn't true but we were concerned about him not eating enough. Our only option was the ER and neither of us wanted to do that. Ken prayed again that Hezekiah would eat and told me to put him at my breast. I looked at Ken like he was ridiculous I mean he hadn't nursed but once the first day and that was barely at all. Ken continued to pray and I placed Hezekiah to nurse. At that moment Hezekiah latched on and nursed for 2 minutes or so. We both were bawling like babies thanking the Lord for his grace, mercy, and hearing our prayer. Once done everyone went back to what they were doing and within 10 minutes Hezekiah cried so loud. It was only the second time we ever heard him cry. He cried like a normal baby but then his little body stiffened up, he puckered his lips, and turned blue. I cannot explain the panic within us as we watched helplessly. Ken fell to his knees begging God to heal our son. Over and over again Ken cried out loud God heal my son, love my son. Hezekiah's again was ok and I pulled him close. I will never forget the relief I felt when he looked ok after that wretched episode. We all continued to pray, it was a time of fear and panic as we did not know medically what was happening. Although we knew Hezekiah was going to die I am not sure we could have prepared ourselves for that exact moment or the moments leading up to it.
After many tears and prayers there was peace. Ken took Hezekiah upstairs for the first time to help tuck in his brothers and sisters for bed. We got pictures of him with each child as they laid in their bed. I know the kids did not want to go to sleep because they were scared he was going to die that night. We assured them we would wake them if anything happened. When Ken came down we sat beside one another in complete silence looking at our son, loving him. Finally I told Ken to get some sleep. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep anyway. He dozed off and I sat with my boy. I took some pictures of him and then got up and made a foot print and hand print on some clay. I have one of each of the other kids so I wanted to do his. I knew that evening that he soon would not be with us. I cried softly as I talked with him. I often wonder if he could hear me or if he knew how much we all loved him. I changed him and gave him a sponge bath. Then I sat up the entire night just looking at him. I could not sleep because I was afraid that he might pass while I slept. If he needed me I wanted to be there for him.
That ended the evening.

Then morning came. We were still talking about the feeding tube and were getting opinions from Dr. Sarah and Dr. Loran. Ken had just finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes and Hezekiah did the get stiff, pucker his lips, and turn blue. I hated when he did it as it scared me so much. It only lasted seconds but it seemed like forever. I asked Ken to pray and release Hezekiah to the Lord. Ken did and things calmed down and Ken decided to go outside with the kids for a bit. It had been a stressful evening and morning and we both knew the time was near. We thought it would be good to get the other kids out for a bit. As Ken was heading out the phone rang and he answered it. Dr. Sarah was on the line and as they chatted I was just watching Hezekiah. I looked up for a second and at that moment our precious son/brother left us. I grabbed Ken's arm and without saying anything he knew. Hezekiah showed no signs of struggle which we are so thankful for. Hannah, Elijah, Solomon, Naomi, Esther, and Ruth were all in the room when their brother passed. We cried together, it hurt so deep.

My parents came over until everything was worked out with the coroner. Once everyone was gone Ken helped me up the steps to our bathroom. I had never been able to give Hezekiah a full bath and was determined to give him one now. I was not going to send my son's body away dirty. Although it seems morbid I had Ken take pictures as I bathed our boy just as I had his siblings in the same little tub. I am so thankful for those moments and the pictures. We dried him off, put some baby cream on, and dressed him. We took some pictures of him with his bear and in the co-sleeper Ken had made specifically for him.
We headed downstairs and took turns holding him and of course crying. Our home has never had so many tears or such sadness in it. We talked about him and how much we love him, the joy he brought us and how we will see him again someday. Ken assured us Hezekiah was in a much better place, completely healed and whole. Ken's strength in leading us was amazing, I love him so much. The evening finally came and the mortician arrived. Each of the children kissed their precious brother good-bye. I took him over to the bassinet and wrapped him in a blanket giving him the last kiss I would ever give him. I could not walk him to the mortician, there was just no way I could hand my sons body to him. I looked to Ken and he came and got him. There was such pain as I handed him over knowing a stranger was taking him. I know it was just his body but it still was so hard. Ken took Hezekiah started to walk over to the mortician and he had to stop, this truly was a very hard moment. We all were sobbing so loudly, looking back I felt bad for the mortician but I am sure he had dealt with it before. When he walked out the door we continued to sob clinging to one another, trying to comfort our children when we ourselves found no comfort. I can say this was one of the worst days of our lives.
We love Hezekiah and we miss him SO MUCH. He brought us such joy and has touched our lives forever.

The above pictures are after Hezekiah passed away.

Today we received a card in the mail. THANK YOU Sharon, it was such a blessing. It came at the perfect time. Thank you for remembering Hezekiah and for thinking of us. We hope to see you soon, I need to arrange that we do. HUGS to you!

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  1. Michele, I am a friend of your mother-in-law's from church. I have been reading your blog for months.I would like to extend my sympathy for the loss of your son and brother.Some friends of mine lost their son in May to Trisomy 13. He lived for only 45 minutes, but made such an impact on me.I was blessed to be able to hold him at the hospital. Walking through their experience, and yours, has been quite an emotional thing. I can't even imagine how much more that it is for the families! It is so hard to believe that it has been 6 months since Hezekiah left here to join the other angels.Your post today had me in tears.Hezekiah, Olivia, Noah and Isaac are now whole and healed, and living in a very special place in our hearts. Michele, know that you, your family, and the other families that I have read about in your blog are always lifted up in prayer. God bless you!