Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yesterday I took the crib down, I just could not take seeing it sit there empty anymore. As I was taking it down every emotion surfaced. I continued working until I just could not take it anymore and found myself sobbing uncontrollably. My precious son...
I am so thankful to know people are still thinking and praying for us. I was touched tonight to still see our name on our church prayer list. We NEED prayer still, it's not suddenly over for us because Hezekiah is with the Lord and his body is laid to rest. We are continuing on but we struggle and we ache for our son and brother.

Do you remember Jenny? She is Olivia's Mommy and we met while we both were pregnant. She has become a very dear friend of mine. In fact, she is my sister from another Mr :) Did I get that right Andy and Ken? :) I am very thankful for Jenny, it is a blessing to have her in my life. Jenny got a tattoo today in memory of Olivia. Go check it out at fretzfam.blogspot.com

Jenny and I are blessed to have a new friend Jenn in our lives who we met last week. Jenn is the wife of Kevin and Mommy to Sarah, Susan, Hannah, Erik, and Noah. Jenn is carrying Noah and he will be joining Hezekiah and Olivia in Heaven soon. Please take a peek at her blog: treasuringlifesblessings.blogspot.com and pray for them. They need your prayers. From experience there is a blessing and strength in knowing others are praying for you.

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