Saturday, November 27, 2010

These past 2 weeks have been emotionally rough. I have a sadness within and a deep wound that is still bleeding. I miss Hezekiah so much and whenever I think about him I just cry. It was said to me to "just get over it." Well first that "it" is my son Hezekiah. He is my child whom I wanted, loved, adored, had dreams for, and who lived within my womb. I felt his kicks, warm body, smooth baby skin, dark fine hair, 10 perfect fingers, 10 perfect toes, chubby cheeks, and his sweet little lips. I held him in my arms, gazed upon every inch of his perfect body. I remember often after everyone was asleep I would just look at him. There were so many feelings and emotions going on in my head that it was overwhelming. I have so much love for my son, so much I want to give. Yet here I am helpless being dragged along by circumstances that are out of my control.

We should all consider our words before we speak. A father, mother, brother, and sister can't just get over someone they love so much. Grief takes time and has it's stages.

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