Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Hezekiah

 We went to Hezekiah's resting place on his 2nd birthday.  There were more emotions than usual and a sadness hung onto us all day. 
 We made a small cake and lit the candles.  We started to sing Happy Birthday but ended up crying instead.
 We each sent up a balloon.  One of the balloons got loose and went up right when we got out of the van that is why there are only 8 that you can see.
 We used Hezekiah's birthday money to purchase outfits for NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep). It is an organization of photographer's who donate their time and resources to families who have a child go to Heaven. For many these are the only photograph's they have of their child and many are not prepared with clothing. We were blessed to have a NILMDTS photographer named Marci.  She will always hold a very dear place in our hearts.
A very dear family brought us the water globe with Hezekiah's name engraved on it.  It is a precious gift that we were so thankful for.  The children decided to place it on the piano beside the photo of Hezekiah we have there. Of course we wish Hezekiah was here to celebrate with us. I often imagine this little blonde haired toddler running around and captivating each of us with his sweetness. Oh how we love our son and brother! Happy Birthday buddy.

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