Friday, February 24, 2012

I am sure I could win the worst blogger award.  I find myself  busy and have just not made the time to blog.  I remember after we found out about Hezekiah and for at least 1 1/2 years after he went to be with Jesus I spent so much time on the computer.  It was often at night when I could not sleep.  I would openly write my feelings, pain, and what we were dealing with.  I also searched high and low for anyone else who had a child called home to Jesus early.  I needed to know how they were making it.  I met a few cyber friends but mostly I just read and never commented to those who wrote their hearts and pain on their blog.  I probably should have thanked them because each one blessed me in some way and gave me encouragment. 

I got an entire year of my blog printed in a book and it is really neat.  It has encouraged me to continue to blog about our daily life.  It is neat to go back and look over a year of your life, there are so many details you can forget. 

It's been a rough 2 months as we went through all our memory dates with Hezekiah.  I thought because it has been two years it would be easier.  I was wrong, the pain is just as deep and there is no way around it.  So we embraced what God has for us and did what we needed to do to make it.  We read scriptures, cried, listened to encouraging music, cried, went to his resting place and decorated, cried, and we stayed home pulling away from most things.  We know God called Hezekiah home for a reason and we trust him.  We continue to grow in our walk with the Lord as we call on him.  I am thankful for his promises and to know Hezekiah is safe and perfect with our loving saviour.


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  1. Good to hear from you again! I'v missed your blog. Maybe you could blog about how you had your blog printed out, that sounds neat. I am glad you were able to transfer your heart online to paper. Hopefully soon you will put new pictures up of everyone, I bet baby Job is growing quick :) Blessings as you live abundantly each day , Raymie